We are starting to get calls from people planning their vacations. It has me thinking about our next vacation. If we have one available (which hopefully we won’t) we are thinking about taking one of our Jayco Sport 8 pop-up tent trailers to Patrick’s Point for Spring Break.


Kevin has camped a lot in tent trailers, I have only gone from one extreme to the other, tent camping to travel trailer camping. No middle stages like the pop-up trailer. It is appealing to me because it seems to be the best of both worlds, but easier. No sleeping on the ground, the tent trailer has padded mattresses and is on a trailer, it has a cook stove, a fridge, a table, a sink, what more do you need? A lot of camp grounds have decent bathroom facilities, which are nice, because even though the shower in the trailer is convenient, there is still some skill required to maneuvering around.

The weather here has been rainy and cold, not very spring like, but the thought of getting away for a few days is really appealing. Our kids love the beach and the water. I really want to take my 3 year old to Agate Beach. She would love digging on that beach for hours on end for treasure rocks. My only reservation is the hike back up!


Will keep you updated what we end up doing. Let us know if we can help with your next vacation, we have towable tents and travel trailers to meet almost everyone’s budgets and towing capacities. In my opinion, the best times we have as a family are always the ones that involve a BBQ and campfire. Give me a call 530-355-5870 Danielle @ TowTally Camping


As I am writing our first blog, Kevin is outside in the cold unloading our first two Mini Mate Campers from the trailer. Pictures to follow of what to expect if you purchase a Mini Mate Camper from TowTally Camping and have it shipped directly to you. The Mini Mates arrived in Chico, CA yesterday. It was a bit stressful to get them, we had a limited amount of time to leave Redding and get to Chico, CA before the Estes Truck yard closed at 6:00pm. As we were preparing to get on I-5 there were terrible news reports that a roll over accident involving a fatality had just happened on I-5 South. An excellent reminder that life can change so quickly and to slow down and keep your eyes open for the unexpected.

We pulled into the Estes lot at approximately 6:02 PM and Estes graciously loaded our trailers up after a couple of desperate phone calls from us while we were waiting in traffic for the accident to clear.  Happy to have our trailers, our last stop was going to be Baja Fresh for dinner. We love Baja Fresh and stop at it almost every time we are Chico and Sacramento. To our disappoint we walked into the restaurant and it is now Chinese food!